Several hundred years and Noah’s Ark finished. Two-hundred fifty years America goes belly up. The ship of state is rudderless. Noah closed the door, and the helm of state becomes a fragile Titanic. The Republic torpedoed from within, while millions lack political life-jackets, or rather, congressional dependency. In one situation, God used water. Presently, contemporary society has lost its umbilical ties to national political iniquity and drowns within homemade grunion stew. Hell is at its height and a nation mourns.

                        The ship of state is unanchored, and drifts along squarely into the network of universal Bolshevism. This, ism, is the multiplicity of hundreds over millenniums, reaching back into ancient Palestine. The very root existing as Homo Sapiens mental dysfunction, of grouped physiologically disordered anti-social neanderthal mental proclivities, is transmitted into Gods, or totem-pole climaxed into sexual deviation. So, we have a God over the State of Israel, as established in 1948. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the political revelator. Too, the Pope of Rome is ( his  ) God’s political revelator established as the world’s universal church. The Jehovah Witnesses declare their own God. Each member is a revelator,  as to one specific God. God’s and organizations are political infinities.

                        Abraham, the Patriarch, was no spool of the various religious empires that dominate the Middle East. This Patriarch was schooled by the God of whom Noah listened to, and the flood came in taking all the man-made Gods to a watery mausoleum. But lo and behold, self-centered materialistic citizens apparently have discovered a representative of the vatican, the Pope, as creating a new Ark and and an earlier fear of a mass apparition of another Titanic has literally vaporised.

                         God’s Israel has erroneously strewn among contemporary national society today. Among various man-made national religions is the enemy of all righteously. This is an invisible hive of devils in the flesh. This anti-social renegade’s ancestry did nail the son of God to a tree. No true nation committed this dreadful crime. Such sub humanoids are a freak of mother nature. Yet, under the umbrella of our national empire of religious parasitism we have an odd make-up of speculating worms gnawing away at misled souls. Christ rode into Jerusalem on the back of an ass. This humble son of God declared that the lilies of the valley grow freely and toil not, however, the Son of God has no place to lay his head. Today, under the inspiration of associative religious fumigation lurks federal cooperativeness in corralling innocent souls into its net of a national unification of varied beliefs, into a state religion. This pseudo-religious poisoning threatens Democracy.

              The threat of religious autocracy strikes in favor of a state being socially paralleled through totalitarian absolutism. For a state totem-pole of mind control, the profession of psychiatry becomes a tool of a progressive police state. The national psychiatry industry actually consists as a priesthood. Its members cannot be forced by law in giving up individual information. Likewise, all mandated religious functionaries claiming priesthood control their flocks through the threat of excommunication. Like the psychiatrist, these

churches can conceal information on an individual, in using the term in claiming ( ECCLESIASTICAL  IMMUNITY ).

                And now we come to the pig in the polk. Assuming that all religious industries are united collectively with the Vatican in order to be one in Christ, this is true as presumption. Romanism bases its religion on the rock of Peter. Protestantism as communicated from this global network of priesthood houses a spiritual facade of non-existent authority based upon divine intervention. In this situation, it appears that both denominations lack God’s rule.

                Something to consider: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints established in 1830 claims to be true of Israelitish

bloodline origin. But, as under a tax supported federal cooperation claims divine immunity in church affairs. The religious empire within America will be allied with one collective belief. There is no way that the state of Israel established in 1948 will ally with the LDS church established in 1930. We witness many wealthy people fleeing America. It is a kept secret that politicians are leaving federal civil positions in fear of our national government rolling over into the antisocial worms of authority of God hates. America has been transformed into a police state in a fight between Netanyahu’s political gangsterism and a nest of worms so subtly seated in the halls of congress as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

                The question—: is it possible that an Ark and Titanic might prematurely cross the conscious of God- loving citizens who are oppressed as a state religion, collective spiritual inhibitions rolled into the new opium of inhibited fools. Hopefully not, for excommunication and ecclesiastical immunity will be in the hands of a communist America being shielded as a front for Bolshevism.


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