It is a masterful to consider that cockroaches can survive to such of an extent that they can go a month without food and only one week without water. Surely, these creatures show a higher instinct to struggle to the end, leaving mother earth as a natural corpse as deemed. Elroachos born, elroachos expire. Can courthouse parasites, blood suckers, rot away to ascend as roaches, or do they slowly decay and descend back into their luciferian hell below the bowels of all decent mankind? Cockroaches survive on food residue, while legalized rogues as liquified alcoholics.
Collectively, lawyers, shysters, evidently, are brought on earth through humanordistically propelled bowel movements, when the bodily organ can no longer retain intellectual refuge, garbage, in propagating an equal. For some reason, this bunch of thieves, sycophants, agents of satan, parasites on the backs of all laboring people, in no measure, is above the common roach while making it from the womb to the tomb. Roaches never lie, never steal, nor hath a devil as a front in creeping through life. To the contrary, roaches accept their way of life as created; but lawyers, hounds of illegal outhouses, torso snatchers, unlike cockroaches, cannot last for a week without downing a jug of whiskey for a day. This liquid diet supply zombies without food. Legal shysters along with professional political racketeers, politicians, swindle innocent people. The roach grubs for existence. The law-giver swindles. Such hybrid muck-divers as jury manipulators cannot go one day in not robbing a lower class of society’s paupers of their daily reach for bread. Further, the elevated elroacho can go one week with no water. The personalised class of hoodlums, as mentioned, are known as quart-a-day lawyers, Their brothers, most judges more than likely, kills a gallon every day. The most popular drink when funds are low, is to down Bayrum, a cheap hair dressing from the Virgin Islands. It is ninety-six alcohol proof. Cockroaches will not crawl at the feet of a muck-driven shyster, however, never bending so low as to practice what the skullduggery of any courthouse shyster in the service of Satan will commit. Roaches hide in concealed crevices while court-house parasites stand behind the National Bar Association, and as a matter of fact, any city bar will do.


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