Blogged                  DIRTIEST BASTARD ON EARTH


+Bertharina Rina I think he is correct. It was Eisenhower who organized the murder of Patton, a true American hero.  As for Eisenhower he is reported to have written how he hated the Jews in a private letter to his   wife.  He is the one who ordered the German POWs to be dumped in camps without buildings, in the snow and cold on the ground, no latrines, no blankets, starvation diet, no medical aid.  1.2,000,000 I read died.  What they did to Germany and Germans is most atrocious.  Winnie was a fraud – Jewish tool also.  However, ‘God rules in the kingdoms of men’.  Hitler was a saint compared to Eisenhower.  I will try and send a link to this site for you.


Allen Dulles, Secretary of State: Ike was a skirt chaser. No woman was safe around Ike in the White house. He was in dementia in his last months. Ike stood before Congress and claimed that It is about time that America quits supporting Communism. Ik e usually roamed the House in his drawers. paraphrased.

                Here we have a mad-dog that sent paratroopers into Little Rock Ark. to force racial mixture. Elderly men and women were rifle-butted when reacting. This little creature of impertinence was an angel from hell as he made war on God’s children. He was not worth the salt in his blood. Innocent mankind’s blood cries from earth unto heaven that God will bring retribution upon one of the world’s major sycophants.




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