There are Lords many and Gods many but one living God.

One-hundred years after the apostles died off, or were slain, the church of Christ collapsed. There was no authorised agent of god

to received divine revelation.  For some reason, John could not be killed. He was banished to the isle of Patmos. The day of reckoning

had come upon believers and non associates of whom were left in limbo. Both sides of humanity were running two and fro in looking here and yonder for some Heavenly representative from on high. In reasoning, it was assumed that God was dead.

       There is no record of John dying. Since this individual had become putty in the hands of God, he was known as John the revelator. The most profound revelation of John was that he saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those of whom dwell upon earth. : And I saw another angel flying in the midst of Heaven having the everlasting  gospel to preach to those who dwell upon the earth. To beg the

question that God had pulled his divine guidance from authorised  agents upon this earth did take place.

        America was not founded on divine decree. It just so happened that that the original Hebrews while in Egypt worshipped their God as one tribal blood line back through Abraham. These people were creative and productive intelligences. It just so happened that they had slaves. As to racial denomination is not clear.

        When leaving Egypt, slaves kept their disposition to be the hirelings of a productive nation. Wherever the Hebrews settled their man and women servants were classed as property. From the day of deliverance under Egyptian bondage, down through the ages, this nation was infiltrated with strange flesh. Through the ages, God’s law was reversed while individual greed became rampant.

         From the day that Esau crossed the line of accepting new blood into his chosen lineage the war between good and evil has rages until the first the native American society. This is because the first church sat up in Antioch by the Apostle Paul became infested with every sort of rabble that at once were known as wanderers, scavengers, nomads, outcasts, parasitic, and socially denominated as gutter runners. This group managed to bring phallus worship into God’s closed society. Paul denounced this as coming from the children of Satan. Still, as time went by and was put down, as God redeemed the last seven churches in Asia Minor. The former thistles upon the wheat disappeared into the world of fables and tribally wasted away. The angel that John listened to actuated as a Heavenly voice in that a great divide between, gulf, and mankind was confirmed.

          In all consideration, a national flash flood of ill-informed citizens has received another glory-to-me God, all in one collectivised umbrella, of varied denominations, to be solaced as spiritually devised group therapy. Like the ostrich, a flightless bird, this man-made communion apparently has found a hole to fit intellectual anchored one-way observation. Sprinkled among one-gang conglomeration of massive nihilism will no spiritual bouncy be discovered. In an awkward move, numberless totem-pole man-made religions move forward on elementary based human notions. God never turns one degree. His stability is on law. Our Creator will  never let mercy rob justice. In other words, the multiplicity of Gods rolled into one is the clever worship of Satan.

           The angel made it clear: the gospel was with pulled from the earth. Satan and his angels will feed this massive movement of misled clergymen and worshipers on the order of yielding to mob infinity through appealing to emotions. but our Lord will not be found. Clearly, America has been denominated to be ruled by an autocracy of high priests. Yes. one belief, one soul, and a man-God that no not knows God.

       Fate holds out its withering hand. Israel must turn away from a whoring after strange Gods occupying the souls of misled Americans. The Israel established in 1948 is counterfeit. All the man-made religious functionaries within the Unite States are fraudulent and stems from the ancient vatican country of Rome. Its origin is to be examined by its membership. It does not matter if Gautama Buddha was a sage, or Socrates approached an Oracle at Delphi in mankind’s quest for knowledge. Western man-made religions are influenced all through by infiltration originating in Asia and orientalism.

       Until recently, All national Presidents were sworn in by the Chief Justice. The right hand held high, the left hand on a specific passage of the Old Testament. God is mentioned. but Christ is avoided. This is proof that America was not founded upon christianity. The God sworn unto is the state! Before one latches onto a religious/priesthood rule, be careful in thought. This identical trickery in the beginning of genesis wherein it begins as God, singular, rather than Gods, plural. Here we see Christ is left out.


No Christ-loving people are safe, especially children. The gang in rule is Beezlebub and his family of devils! Please wake up!



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