GREAT MAN SPEAKS OUT

                                ( Bewiseowls )

            Yes, a gifted personality comes forward with warning

I have been studying your letter. I see what you are getting at. We are living in a complete false maze of deception. we are being put to the test, Many people have been lulled to sleep as preparation for these days! Thank God for those who remained awake and thought strategically. There is much to learn about the history of religion,it’s origins and stems.If the country was not founded on Christianity then we know that the founders (or some of them) were breakaway renegade freemasons who understood how evil imperialism was. It would be easy to make this conjecture by seeing how the constitution was written. It can resemble christian morality quite well! Aside from telling this fib to a nation of tax paying Catholics and Christians of all denominations! There is much to be sorted out.Either be the case it needs to be re founded on those principals all over again! We are in this world and we are not all the same. This is how it must be in order for us to learn ,grow  a fine line that brings us together as we are all human with human needs.Maybe I am not correct but the older I get I see religious belief as a personal thing and not something to fight over! I guess I am more for fixing America, as religion has been deceitfully used as a distraction by the elite to divide and destroy our nation and not make it stronger.. And I say to people is that what God wants? Did Jesus Christ teach us to let whatever blessing America has been be turned over to satan as people turn their attention to religion and wait for the world to end? Absolutely not. Right? As for me ,I fell for that in the past and now I am seeing more clearly. Truth  and reality of that truth are what we need to wake up to at the wheel! people not waking are not with God in any religion as far as I am concerned. You are right .It’s time to wake up! we have false government that sells us as monetary property while we think we are going to Heaven on a cloud! How rediculous and pathetic we have gotten!

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