+hogorina Powerful Hogorina.  “our creator has brought forth both good and evil for His own purposes.”  This is true.  Evil serves the earth from its energy, make no mistake God defeated evil long before he created man and made use of his evil one to be contained to the earth and two to provide its balance of the negative force it is.  God indeed saw  a purpose for evil.  Evil is about power, as Milton’s Paradise Lost reveals to us that the serpent in the garden tempts Eve with power. She would have more knowledge than God and would be more powerful than he.   She pluck she eat.  Notice that anyone who has crossed Jesus or his Saints have perished.  Frued himself died of advanced syphilis and insanity.  No one gets away with anything especially those who challenge God.  Look at Ishmay’s comment before boarding the Titanic … “Even God could not sink this ship.”  Comedian George Carlin, mocking the commandmnets, Joan Rivers curing Jesus as she went up the steps to a set, the list goes on and on and one.  No one gets away with anything. Jesus warned us, “so shall you sew so shall you reep.”  No one has a free ride.  Look at the History of the Jews, wandering, soulless individuals, that’s right, they are soulless, criminally insane people why do you think they kill all of the time ever so tacit hiding behind the trust of the jobs of trust they take over and then use to kill and to harm only to hide behind the trust of their positions to use those position to convince us of how much they contributed, yeah they contributed alright, to the millions of deaths everywhere they go. War after war after war after war, I don’t know what it will take for any of you to fully understand that there is a prevalence of evil within the world   It is our responsibility and actually we owe a duty to each other to keep away from it and keep it away from us.  We embraced it.  America, like England embraced it.  Not only did we fail to understand there are two sides to every story, we just follow the press that the one side owned and we believed them like gospel truth.  Evil will always come to you in the guise of something good, like freedom, but it is never freedom, it is chaos, freedom pushed to its furthest limit.  Yet I do not blame evil, evil has its place and its job to do and owes us a duty to destroy us aa  he promised he would.  He tempted the Jews, who had just shook their fists at Jesus and proclaimed themselves to be the “children of Abraham.”  Well, God made it so.  He took  from them what he gave to them, their souls.  Yes one can live without a soul, but one wouldn’t want to, it is an open invitation to evil as the loser of the soul cannot reason, or make sense of anything, anything he or she learns has to be through memory, nothing comes naturally in logic or in reason to them, they feel no emotion, no empathy, they have trouble with mobility, the five senses has been dulled considerably, as a result of their inability to reason to understand, they have severe learning disabilities.  oh no, one would not want to live without a soul.  Thus the Jews went forward and a visitor came to them, explaining to them, that they were better than before that they were this way because they were chosen to rule the world, evil professed to them others were jealous of them and also frightened as a result of their greatness, and evil warned them as long as they possessed their gift which they had now, they had to keep silent about it, that the only way they could survive in the world was to rule over it.  So they created the Talmud, a secret scroll, later books, telling them what to do but ever so secret so no one would detect their mission. The Talmud was some complex and vague the Jews themselves in later times could not discern what it instructed so they created an Encyclopedia to help them.  But even with the encyclopedia, Jews had trouble comprehending. so a lawyer by the Name of Theodore Benjamin Herzl himself a madman, made a speech at a Zionist Conference in Belles, Switzerland where a Julius Niles took down what he had said and created a book, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” It too was a secret book.  But it was discovered in 1909 and it was quickly published and sold millions upon millions of copies world wide — German bought the Title right to it.  There were no challenges, or court decisions, it was a book, that was outlawed by the  Jews themselves claiming it was a fake  — its no fake for if one is to read the Talmud or their Encyclopedia — you’ll see its no mistake  They bleive that they are God’s chosen to rule over the earth, but that there are those who would be jealous or frightened who would stand in their way so they’d have to accomplish it with separating themselves from the others and cast upon them a careful deceit, half-truths, lies and bamboozlement and con, they develop charming personalities that would make anyone think, oh no, couldn’t be him?   And so they go on, under the devil’s control, as his children, not God’s — God’s children would automatically know that He would not chose one of his children over the other, they would also be able to recognize the evil before  and would not be tempted, to continue on their mission with indestructible determinism until it is accomplished, they even created Kabala.  This is my take on it, and it can be easily seen for the past 150 years plus.  Good saves them, and they devour the good.  Evil blinds them one towards and deceives them that they are better than before and that they are chosen.  Its a tragic comedy at least, at worst tolerated.  For how can a good and moral person tolerate evil.  They shouldn’t tolerate it or especially embrace it the way England and the United States has done and continues to do and anyone that tries to enlighten them to the wickedness of their ways, is a racist.  Thus that word has been expanded too by the Jews to use as a shield of protection for nearly 70 years now and it has worked we are deadly afraid of that word.   We as a result of being afraid of that word in its expanded meaning have been shamed into silence.  God would not have us be silent in the face of evil where it can gain strength and support if not confronted.  It has become more and more powerful that its energies has impacted the atmosphere (weather conditions are living proof of it)  the sun is growing in size not hotter just in size and that is why it seems hotter on the earth at 5 PM than it is at 12 PM (High noon as it is referred)  Things are gong to be far worse if we do not stop housing evil.  The thing to understand is that God is for real, he is our creator, he is our Savior, he gave us life in freedom so that we can share and know love and we pave the way for the sharing of love for future generations.  We glorify ourselves in our love of God and we worship him not only in prayer, but more so in deeds, we share love. But that does not mean love evil, that love is what helps us detect it and recognize it and avert is when it comes near with its friendly smile and ax behind its back.  We come into the world free and if we retain our souls in good order we go out the same way to Him, our creator.  Notice the only ones who would attempt to see themselves as superior to other and rule over them would be evil


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