+Bertharina Rina
You were born in a good generation rearing characters that are the best we have ever seen and more than likely will ever see again! The bankers were beginning to beat people into the submission of money with the depression. Not realizing that God taught many people such as yourself that money cannot buy happiness!.The bankers didn’t count on that one. In their screwed up reality “who” could be happy with little? Afterward people  began falling for it as people began to change toward banker mindsets.Being born in the early 60’s I grew up at least  knowing the difference (thanks to those born in the twenties I was lucky enough to have around me) so I witnessed  them turning America slowly,but rapidly enough into “Pottersville” Like in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. A Bedford Falls where people fend together and families stay together is not profitable for them..The bankers have taught money to be  a replacement for all of God’s blessings,such as each other. When trouble arises the banker is there to create revenue from it! .” Life is too short to be poor.” “Working alone doesn’t yield enough!” “Demand higher  CREDIT!” look successful ,lie to yourself and your friends! success can come with a signature!. As the bankers spread their poisonous logic to a populace that has been conditioned to believe “being poor”,having “less” and living within means is a CRIME! ..I also had a trial,and  by the hand of our corporate fascist banking system involving a family member that would not listen despite my pleadings and warnings.The end result was suicide. I stood alone as well while everyone else involved just weighed the whole situation “through they eyes of “money” ,defending the banks and the tax system,as though these thieves fought the Revolution for them! When I said it like it really was with these banks some family members actually called me a “communist”. It was then that I realized just how bad it had gotten knowing there are citizens of this nation that believes the enemy to be their blessed government! I mean that is really BAD. Choosing “that” over their own family member? who assumed  the debt and tried to make good?  I got a good look at “ROT” right in the face! I had a good long time to study rot’s face with every line,wart,and detail! That is what I see when I walk outside a bank and hear corporations advertisements! I saw it coming,this corruption.and with that history I am more than willing to sting them all with the truth until they keel over the flat earth!
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