Our United States Republic has politically deviated into the universal web of imperialism . Nationalism has been leveled into a corpse of petrified nihilism. Pseudo Democracy has yielded up to a treasonous  politically gerrymandered

religious / political machine, as pallbearers for a deceased confederated fifty state regimentation of mandated mental cripples awaiting a holocaust of multi-cultural variations and tribal identity, creating  collectivised socially incapacitated ballot-box slaves of politically rustled humanity. This fifty state dependency has been up rooted under British admiralty law and the Bank of England. As a mere dependency through the City of London, the global house of Rothschild’s wealth  designs the death knell for America to become a second rate world power, while our Congress is a mindless shiftless organ of lackadaisical pedalers of liberal and conduit of fraudulent lapdogs. The present  gangrene of national administration snails in the direction of a coiled viper and a purported poison and animated rule  fitfully calcified awaiting the death knell of a once free Republic. It is a matter of time before America becomes a fortified police state in the hands of a world government, being deified as future humanity’s globalized mannequins of socially processed beings making up psychological engineered souls of mental degeneracy. The powers that be are molding useful drones into a one state religion. This anti-driven piston rests its laurels upon Constitutional fractionalism.

This specific incipient cancer is the watch tower over politically galvanized pseudo democracy that has brought the professions and science as mandated tools of under the wings of Marxian economics and the fallacy of social suicide. Mental slavery through the process of psychic degeneration has preempted social engineering via pre-conceived  implanted psychedelics for schooled therapeutics  

of  brain-twisting recognizance of state machinery. This hellish lamp post is dimmed towards unsuspecting intelligences becoming zombies in thought and irregular in sophisticated insight. Thus the mind becomes a stolid organ of state dependency, emotionally disturbed, being led into a new world order.

                        For once in American history, the pentalum wind-bags lined up as Congressional gas bags have betrayed this nation, not country, into hands of

alien spiritual philosophies of Asian and Oriental cultural infinities counter to western civilization. The actual looting of Third World nations as colonies of greater Britain with gun powder and shell became victims of parliamentarian gangsterism in alliance with Wall Street hustlers and illicit investors as in-grouped with the universal Rothschilds banking syndicate. As noted: nations were sold out, not countries. A country consists of a geographical chunk of rock with set boundaries. Wherein a nation consists of humanity endowed with flesh, blood and souls. To plunder a country for its oil and minerals is the utmost gain. In back of all this is the explicit drive of British and American ambition is to enforce through pseudo democracy a counterfeit social structure, being shielded by inhuman anti social political gangsterism, as a front for an insidious nation of plunderers of global humanity, ( souls ) and their inherent right to exist as a free people on this earth. Corralled of all productive wealth; to be plundered spiritually, as under a wicked tribe of sub-human ghouls creating  as a one-way hell on earth. The word humanity is no match for this lower order of mankind that have crawled forth from the mud-flats and slime pits as an amoeba  hatched from earthly sewers around the globe.  Contemporary descendants of such lower cannibalistic parasitism are now seated in the highest realm of national government. This is a dangerous gang in the palms of universal financial whore mastering. These harlots rule America.

Understandably, the elite rulers of the sodomite vermin controlling the United Nations organization sits in as a front for globally restructuring humanity. To this end, NATO is triggered as a war machine, in the hands of an invisible government.

Only Jesus Christ comprehends Satan’s compulsion to destruct western civilization.  Christ warns mankind; “ Beware of the elders of Israel. “ This is not the counterfeit state of Israel sat up in 1948. In fact, WW1 &  WW11 was fought that an illicit British Balfour declaration would give Palestine to encroaching Zionism.

Jewish & gentile bankers worked hand-in-glove with the powerful monetary tycoon, Rothschild.

Obviously, the hidden-hand of an invisible government planted Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Palestine. Netanyahu is of Asiatic ancestry–not Jewish. Demanding that Congress is goaded into WW111, this programmed gangster fell short in getting the youth of America to fight for a  gang of hoodlums housing brains of Neanderthal  ancestry. America has become a second world power. President Putin beat NATO in moving into the Crimea. This qualifies Ukrainian interest under Russian influence. And, Putin bombed the Isis in Syria. Iran stays put on nuclear weapons and Mid East northern saudi receives weapons in overriding the war-mongering knotheads lounging within the Pentagon.

The lackadaisical class of political meatheads fails in every direction as one might concur. However, Russia is pulling in all manner of intensifying its stand of The Disunited States under the leadership of pseudo democracy & its gang of political rustlers so cleverly managed by that invisible entity of which make wars upon innocent Third World nations with the gobble-de-gook hoodwinking. The difference between indifference will remain as long as mankind wills to be free.


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