Indeed, around and around the world goes & where she stops will most likely be as the One Worlders know, or suppose. Financial moguls composing several individuals secretly conspire in the name of suppositional humanity’s sake in wrestling with a contemporary fraudulent ancient pseudo religious scheme to unlawfully foreclosure on Lucifer’s world. By legal decree, as heavily recorded, document in question referring to Genesis as party to the first part, Creator, global real estate was to fall into the party of second party as holder & legal tender. Money is liquefied equity with no quality or quantity when Satan was involved
as agent and legal tender. This real estate manipulator was to make a bargain with Christ coming in line as partyof the third part.

Prior to Christ’s movement in bearing as a witness to all truth & the Son of God, He found a place in the hillside to actually fast for forty days and nights. Here the Son of God in prayer, sought his Father’s will to glorify His, ( father’s name ), in world that Christ was born into. For sure, Satan was lurking in the hemisphere. Originally, he opted to come to earth & make all souls serve God. God does not compel mankind’s worship. Jesus stepped forward in that He would give mankind a free agency as to worshiping. Satan was thrown from the presence of God. Satan was to be the prince over the earth & an agent of evil & darkness. Christ was to be the redeemer through the Holy Ghost that mankind could walk with God.

Lucifer was to be the chief real estate agent over the world. No doubt, this was his final move to intercept God’s message to the world through His Son. apparently, Christ had ended His fasting & prayer. It was then the real estate agent roared forth from the nether world of hell and darkness that this ousted angel came face to face, a demonic spirit, with Christ. This agent of all evil most likely had his family of devils, spirits to witness just how to be crafty up against a pure soul. Satan then took Christ to a high precipice, a mountain or cliff. Scriptures leave the element of time as unknown. Most likely, Satan begged, argued, until end on end. He finally offered Christ the whole world if Christ would follow this demon of which rebelled
against the Holy word of God. Christ told Satan to get away from Him.

We witness Lucifer running to and fro from nation to nation. This angel of hell on earth is politically dedicated to entice alien countries into war. All wars are for gain. But the unseen war is between good and evil, all people divided as to who is teaching what. America has turned into a renegade country to be ruled by global finance. From day to day divided nations argue  over ( Gods ) while ruling landlords ponder in looting politically irrelevant and weak societies via plundering
honest sought wealth. Satan has spread his wings into ever oligarchy on earth. He has created massive slum masters across the globe. In America, about eighty percent citizens own no property. Magnificent ghettos stretch from the corners of this country to meet on Pennsylvania, Ave in Washington D.C. At least fifty-percent in debt up to their heads . Satan has tricked land swappers into the racket of his rental grid line as the whoretell racket & roadside halfway housing draws the attention of tourist walking the line of social deviation as modified universal scavengers.

America in political leagues loot and plunder under the banner of charity & humanism. This rape has brought America to its knees. Satan is angered as to college-bound youth will learn the real estate  racket. It would seem that Satan might be worried. Not so! As long as the home property tax is put on the backs of productive tax payers a yearly home tax is defrauding citizens. No one within our country is safe from the collector unless his hide is incorporated into the house of thieves and liars of whom occupy national government under Satan & his family of devils. Satan still owns the world as party of the first  part in lying as party of second part.


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