I’ve always been taught that anyone poor, or rich, could become President of the United states. Too, there were many tricks of the trade to actually become intimate with the chief executive, if one used the psychology of deviated instincts, that were conducive in satisfying a two-party intellectual slammer, in using a telephone  while state affairs were electronically purveyed, or the interest of  personality stock in trade affairs, or to nourish mother nature’s inclinations, as a dork  in waiting. The late Tiny Tim wore ballet slippers while tip-toeing through the Lily pads. This was truly an art of professional standards and classical impunity. Then there was the late Bella Lafloy who tramped through daily life as flat-foot-floogie with a floy floy.  Monica Lewinsky broke the record as she made it to the top with the most unusual trick of the trade. It is time for some overworked whore and skirt chaser  to sit under the dome. Roger Dangerfield and Jerry Springer could have an on  encore stage clamor in wrecking such innovative actions of fools of whom who crawl before the present administration that actually rule as a comedy of errors.


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