Since liberalized mental prostitution is primarily based upon the presumption of individual perception and a discordant inactivity of rebellion against socially acceptable responsibilities, the primitive of consciousness rebels against contemporary anti-social collective political revolutionaries, as the critical point in life rolling forth as organized confusion. The individual (ID) never performs, and its cleverness is concealed via mother nature’s makeup, indeed, a device in shielding
    dehumanized animals, in not comprehending that fodder is animal feed and corn
    on the cob is palpable. No doubt, liberalized brains do a double take in not comprehending that literally twisted personalities, collectively, liberals of the opposite ends of a mule, being used as a compass, in a manner of one way row-plowing, can modify twisted brain cells, unimaginably, that emotions and guilt cannot be inflected as an outside attribute. With mob-like indictment, that liberal machine, un-triumphally, plows an unseen path to self-destruct. With one-massive organised humanness ego, swell-headed fools take organised societies down the path to socialized slavery. Fodder and cob remains the bottom-line truth. No man is an island unto himself. Mental cripples of commercially indoctrinated apathy are prey to the ever incipient philosophy of Marxian embellishment based upon revolutionary contempt for productive humanity. Liberalism, actually, have original roots right into the heart of the Bull Dyke administrative proclivities of the District
    of Columbia and the City of London. These are the home of secret societies. Their religion is no religion, but world rule. Liberalism is the matrix of this vast machinery of global entrenchment.

    Exactly alike, ( Horseradish ) is not horseradish and nothing to do with radish. ( Wikipedia ). Horses fodder is palatable animal food. ( Wikipedia ). Radish of various vegetables is common. Mankind consumes animals and vegetables. Political humanoids better classed as Homo sapiens, siding up as liberals, vegetate a massive mental disorder that is contrary to a Republican rule. The fruit of this movement is not germane and contradictory to christian civilizations. Imaginary food here is fed from the emotions and expressed in the actual act of revolutionary masochism–CRIME. Orthodox in self-hatred and instinctively, the national news industry sublimates the liberalized pro-Red movement across America. Under this shed an exposed movement is uncovered through Orwellian
    truthfulness. The crimes committed through this machine of national pedagogy
    enslavement coupled with Bull Dyke intrusion through national government will never match Machiavelli’s , ( The Prince ). It is not unorthodox to to reveal that America has sunk into the political valley as a global second-state empire. We might add, The Disunited States of Americka. We are using the Stalinists rule, not Vladimir Putin of Russia. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud, contradictory in many ways,
    coined contemporary LIBERALISM as discounted paranoids as suffering from “ The “Personality suppression gravitational syndrome.” The highlight of individual sexual deviation into progressive anxiety. Television and Hollywood is the school of the ever growth of liberalism. The Red gang has invaded America through thought control. Here we observe one-sided two-party dissidents faltering on the perception that to follow pseudo democracy for self-gain fell into the trap of socially engineered fools. Our two-party system creates an empire of agitating misinformed bastards spell-bound with a compulsion to rip the guts out of a once stable country. America is politically doomed. We are awaiting the curtain to fall.

    Being contrary to a nation’s fall within less than three-hundred years,
    our general overpowered citizens walk around hands in pocket with heads slumped over their chest. This massive nihilism caused the fall of ancient Rome.
    LIBERALISM has torn the heart from ever christian civilization upon this earth This is because we a group, not nation, of which walked in and sat up counterfeit governments. These animals seemed to have dodged abortion and now are flooding the earth. This filthy grind of global wanderers of expanding sub human existence are spreading disease and and a mental fungus harbor no claim to the higher order of mankind other than akin to swine. This is our inward enemy
    The professions and all fifty states are being politically lobotomized with poisoned food and medicine. The glory of God is intelligence. God hates ignorance. The villains of global trash controlling national government are dehumanized gutter-relays having their feast over innocent souls of America’s children locked into a national web of sexual deviates and surrounded by a cesspool of bull dykes
    and body-snatchers, The ultimate is that children are left to fight against body-snatchers, while men sit at ball games and pool halls. As one late Congressman put it on national television, “ We have them on the run, let’s keep them on the run,’ Whisky and whore mongering killed this low-class son of a bitch.
    This is a word to the wise!


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