I read your brief reference to two distinct social attributes of collected societies, class suspicion and the 1871 correlation. I never ran across any personality that actually loves truth; it is though individuals have bought mentally distilled perceptions that bread on the table is God’s only concern with his children. Pilate asked Christ was he the Son of God. Christ replied,: Saith this of thyself, or did others tell this of thee. Well, ninety percent of what we hear and repeat is hearsay. It is the ten percent that we search out and journey into the forest of an Alice in wonderland, in order to trap any fox, of which may have intruded un-noticed.  As you so well put, national government is playing the fox. We need to awaken sleeping hounds, that will politically and socially sniff out the alien rascals of which have needled their way into our natural roots of love, progression, peace and prosperity.

            Specific subhuman elements have cowed down our republic into the net of a second-rate world power and influence. International pro-socialist financial moguls harbor no assurance of love nor self-consciousness, in regard to humanity. There are hundreds of secret societies across America. It is not necessary to mention many of them. But where and how did secret societies arise.  that

             We might conclude that Christ opened the door into another world, when He addressed his followers : “ BEWARE OF THE ELDERS OF ISRAEL.” Of course, this was just a warning to be suspicious, for no one but God actually knows just what lurks in the minds of men. Whenever the darkness of night time move in, Jesus disappeared and remained in self-solitude. In night or day, lilies of the valley toiled not, but Jesus hand noe lay his head. Figuratively speaking, the world was not to be identified is of Christ. Satan is the father of the universe.

              Behind all this clump and chatter about one personality recognizing a little truth is outstanding. However, the nation of Israel residing within this Disunited States of Amerika was stabilized under the bipartisanship of the late Joseph Stalin of Russia and Franklin Roosevelt of America in 1933. America has been overthrown—only one nation, and that is god’s children. Like it or not, this Israel has solid ground within our Republic  and remains so! But, it is a counterfeit operation. This israel is in the hands of international progressive Zionism. But lo and  behold, the true Israelitish bloodline rests right here among us in holding the Melchizedek Priesthood. Through fate, President Vladimir Putin, of Russia has thrown a wrench into the seat of our Red infested imported hirelings, working in harmony with an invisible network of a pseudo religious empire of which Christ forewarned, the Elders of Israel. The festering network of pro-socialists mental & physical slavery through man-made religions is at its death-knell. Russia under Putin is of Orthodox state belief. Ruling secret societies have lost their footing.

              Recently, Henry Kissinger, from Germany, was Secretary of State under Ford and Nixon. This political format lasted one-hour. His speaking was overlapped with an obvious brainwashing of pseudo democracy of pronounced political confusion, as to global political hegemony, particularly in the Middle East.

Clearly, he became befuddled on pertinent issues, specifically as to the rebellious countries surrounding Russia. He had nothing for America on his mind. Slyly, he slipped by Israel. Actionally, Henry is of Mongoloid stock. He, nor his descendants have never sat foot in ancient Palestine. He is as phony as a three-dollar bill a National Security Advisor, one will never know just how many souls died in elicit conflicts in reaching for a One World rule.  Yes, Putin has made a superfluous gang of religious rustlers to withdraw from the haunts to beware of wolves in black-robes.   Evidently, Putin is paying attention. In fact. he has closed out the Rothschilds banking industry in Russia. Christ still warns : “ Beware of the elders of Israel.” Problem is that we have two Israels under state incorporated. Take your pick.


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