I THIRST       

It was in the afternoon, while the sun began to withdraw, and the streets of ancient Palestine were filled with people of various national backgrounds, in haggling with merchants and gathering into one massive body of mankind to witness one of the most dreadful criminal acts in the annals of recorded history. On this day, it seemed that every evil force from the bowels of hell were drawn to this city, as the atmosphere overhead was of a gloomy swirl of unnatural timing, as though mother nature had reversed its law of planned unison of order. The world’s devils had gathered in the hemisphere over a once Holy city, in venting its hatred upon the head of one man. The world below had to outcast a broken-hearted man.

                        Showing up in Jerusalem riding a borrowed ass, this lonely man sat foot. As people faced this strange individual, alone, in plain-dress, meek and humble, neither laughing, or smiling; this was a graceful personality that witnessing souls had never seen or heard of. His countenance was grave, yet peaceful and severe. He strolled the streets of Jerusalem observing his fellow beings being involved with worldly affairs.  Rich or poor, high or low, it mattered not to this strange man. His message to the souls centered around the fact that all mankind were the children of an unseen and invisible being.

                          In that day; there were citizens and tourism that made up a vast community struggling daily for the necessities of life. This stranger talked to small bands of people along the city’s walkways and bylanes. Pontius Pilate was a Roman prefect of Judea. Through political gossip he heard of the man that talked about another way of life. He and his entourage noticed this same man talking on the street. An inquiry was made. Pilate was told that the individual was an honest man who taught righteousness  and kindness to all listeners.

                          One thousand years earlier, King David was on the throne over all Judea. Through degeneracy kings came and went. As this good man dismounted the donkey, walking into a wicked generation of a valueless mass of inexplicable mankind. David took the throne and was warned that a nation of the Edomites held Judea in spiritual and slavery bondage. Yes, from the back of a donkey the good man walked into a very diverse community of mankind. Ninety-percent of Palestinians  were not of Judean ancestry. Only ten-percent were born and reared as citizens. The good man showed up in a synagogue. Listening carefully, He spoke:Men of many nations in the synagogue are not Judeans. This backed up as to David being warned of global wanderers  settling down in the Holy land. Too, he learned that the temple reeled with political harlotry, with a threshold walk through lain in corruption.

                      The good man publically revealed that He was the Son of God. He denounced the bankers, money lenders, robbery in the temple & more. The Sanhedrin, Supreme Court over all Israel, tried the good man on the charge religious heresy. Standing before Pilate, the good man declared that he came into this world to do the will of his father in heaven. Pilate queried: Aren’t thou a king? The good man stood in grace & remained quiet.

                        After four trials as night time, one by king Herod

who  laughed at the good man. The good man made the only personal epitaph ever put forth towards an individual. He called Herod a fox. The termination was that the good man claimed to be the son of God. All of this took place from the day that the good man gave everything as to his loyalty before His God in Heaven. Not once did he ever asked for anything, or sought goods of this world. He came into this world with nothing and left with nothing.

                        From a common tree, a cross was to be constructed. The good man was nailed to a tree. Without murmur, comforted by unseen angles, blood ran from the pores of skin. SUDDENLY!  “I THIRST!” Still, HE ACCEPTED NO DRINK FROM DEVILS IN THE FLESH! At the foot of the cross a sign read: KING OF THE JUDEANS! This good man was Jesus Christ.



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