First United Nations Conference__Dumbarton Oaks Alger Hiss in command. The late President Harry S. Truman, stabbed America in the back. This scoundrel was one of the lowest individuals that had ever sat under the dome. Harry often stated that the buck stopped with him. This man was and unelected president in 1945. He announced the State of Israel in 1948 minutes before the whole world knew it. God that this would take place even before he became President of the United States. Indeed, a second rate politician. Harry was opposed to nationalism. Harry was a proponent of universal Zionism.

The original idea of the United Nations was the formation of a world government the formula for this plan was worked out in the number of secret conferences All over the world and was consummated in the Washington D.C., And protested this secret conference on the grounds that our sovereignty was being Imperiled by secret agreements secretly arrived at.
The dominant personalities in these conferences were mostly extreme liberals and pro communist intellectuals. The most outstanding individual in this enterprise was Alger Hiss, later Convicted and sent to the federal penitentiary for perjuring Himself, being investigated by A young congressman by the name of Richard Nixon, for his association and collaboration with agents of the Soviet Union. believe it or not, this man Hiss Was one of President Roosevelt’s chief advisors. when the first session of the United Nations was held in San Francisco in 1945, Alger Hiss was the Secretary-General.
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