Not born in America, and one of the most loathsome individuals to dominate a nation in the most atrocious manner; this mad dog was a master of criminal attributes on the battlefield and social engineering. Here, another name changer to conceal an evil mind.
As for sure, a traitor and coward of the lowest order.
In the summer of 1952 Ike snaked his way into the White House, as an agent of financial and political plunderers ruled a nation. Prior, this man was a cold-blooded murderer in WW11.
Eisenhower was elected and we we were in for 8 years of double talk, Compromise, mongrelization . appeasement and A general liquidation of the Outspoken patriots. In the meantime, our beautiful national city became A massive ghetto, thanks to the
aggressive demagoguery Of Eisenhower and his gang , Washington,D.C., massive wreck and major slum, unsafe for even A pedestrian on the Street, male or female, and virtually unsafe for an automobile driver, in an Overwhelming portion of the Washington, D.C., area. In appeasement policies Eisenhower virtually aided in sustaining an political oligarchy of Pro social
communist revolutionaries being salted Down within national government. Eisenhower was a suspect in the murder of General George Patton. Ike Supported internationalism and global Zionism. Patton harbored Nationalism. In between this, the world movement of Muslim invasion rests its Intention to remain a solitaire movement within the United States of America. we lay much blame upon the Gangsterism on the Criminal actions of a phony immigrant, making it from Ellis Island to the White House. Our Republic is a makeshift operation under the influence of international Zionism, with its Congressional appointments of sycophants as Eisenhower.
( anonymously )


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