( Harry Truman )
The hatred towards General MacArthur is unparalleled in the history of contemporary insanity. This narrow-minded bastard betrayed America. His jealousy of General George Patton lies within the depths of a pathological liars claim to psychoneurosis based upon self-induced masochism. His spurious disenchantment regarding Patton’s murder is a gainful opinion, that ( Solomon ) Truman was a born bottom feeder, as a deadbeat and amplified sycophant. Harry took the oath as an un-elected President. He was an internationalist, and tool of the United Nations Organization, in selling America out to Communism. The proof is in the pudding!
Our present administration has fired thirteen generals in the last fourteen months. All were opposed to universal Bolshevism. We have six leading generals threatening a military coup. It is imperative that citizens to take a peek as to who & what global movement, that has our Republic in line for a second-rate world government. You and your underlings are now in mental slavery, as modified zombies, of a withering away once free national society, in the hands of some sorry sons of bitches!
Harry’s good friend, Eisenhower, were eye-to-eye, as to buttock-kissing to hit the top. Let’s see what MacArthur thinks of political gropers. MacArthur thought that next to Jesus Christ, Ike wanted to be compared. He said that Ike was only good at clerking. He disliked Harry, for the loss of the Korean conflict. He knew that Harry was an attaboy for the U.N. Security Council. Harry fired MacArthur, because he was warned to lose the conflict. A military coup was planned when MacArthur returned to America, but things went wrong. The greatest crime in WW2 was the sinking of the Indianapolis destroyer. A Japanese submarine officer sunk the destroyer, thirty-seven men out of 1,150 men drowned. The naval command found the commanding officer neglect. The Japanese officer testified for a maligned officer .The book, ( All The Sailors Drowned ), condemned as incompetence of admirals, officers and misguided fools, in high seats of the navy. Harry was in office. This low-grade scoundrel concealed this from the public. We must remember, Nothing has changed.
We can always vote sons of bitches into office. Only a damned fool would crowd the ballot box, in order to put a lousy bastard into public office.


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