( Supreme Court Justice )

It is imperative that we must reach back into time in order to concentrate on the Professional criminals within our national government, as to reveal Pro-communist elements, of which have influenced the gradual decline of a Republic’s slide into a second rate world Power of universal influence. This information is not patented, therefore, it is public domain and education. To this end, there is no intention to Commit  plagiarism here. Communism is a deadly  menace to a free people. The  Supreme Court must  be  purged.

                     ( Speaker ).  It  is my  belief  that  the supreme court of the United  States for years  was completely corrupted under the leadership chief justice Earl Warren during the term of Mr Warren and others, the green light was given to communism, pornography, crime, treason and mongrelization. It Is the  belief  of certain mature observers that the supreme court has then a menace to the United States  than any other single negative evil entity. Sense the resignation of Mr Warren, who was a slave to the really complex elite, and even accepted degrees from the University of antisocial inclinations, turning to New York liberals with massive news networks and wire- pullers in concert.—Since his resignation the court has made a slight improvement, but it is still a blurred, debauched,  wounded  branch of  the United States of America.

                  Unjustifiable and  one evil  thing that it has done recently has then to justify the  conspiracy of compulsory busing. But far beyond that has  Been Its justification of the slaughter of the unborn, referred to abortion.  It is contended  that there  are certain members of the supreme court who should have been  impeached,   and there is some argument to support imprisonment for certain members. It is  my believe that justice Douglas is one of the most depraved, sociologically  perverted individuals In America, and he has used negative personality to help blight, destroy and wound whole Nations existence. End quote!.           (synonymous)
It is obvious that political gangsters are fronting for incipient communism. These dumb bastards are responsible for school shooting and child-snatching. Colleges are nothing but hunting grounds for pathological insane killers. No child or college students are safe. This will continue until parents can rebel against  an ever enlarging police state. Decent citizens have no arms for protection. But criminals are well armed with instruments of death other than loaded pistols. It has become a major crime to denounce the pro-communist sons of bitches housed down in national government! Don’t let your child out of your sight. Pediphiles are bedded-down within most under cover organizations throughout this united states. CRIME DOES PAY!


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