NO PLACE TO RUN Where was Moses when the lights went out? Obviously, in the dark. The late doctor Sigmund Freud composed this option, as he was a contemporary disciple of the devil. Today, the war against our deceived Lord’s children enlarges through mankind’s manufactured pseudo religious Industries, as this collective religious empire holds multitudes in subjection to pre-fabricated unjustified unholy lies, that revelation as taught, comes from on high. Within America, all religions are man-made or imported from abroad. To preach that America is a christian country is the mother of all lies. More than likely, Moses did see the light & took flight. Seemingly, 339 B.C., Socrates Sophroniscus, the philosopher, lover of truth, was counter in thought, as to the ugly depths of a living hell, of post future humanity, such as the anti Christ, discontented socio-pathological insane Freud. Socrates would have never followed, or trailed, into any dark paths, of which pro-Freudian’s would have traveled within our contemporary society of 2015. We know that Moses was of a divine species, too, that he walked and was entertained by angels. More Than Likely, from Moses to Socrates, right into the heart of America, King Solomon’s contemplation mellows down into this vast machine of corruption, political, social & nihilistic assumption, that being ruled under the political task-master, in the jaws of a democratic/republic machine of official putrefaction, running its course, as royal decomposition arises from a dead dog.True to life, Solomon observed, “ There is nothing new on the face of this earth.” Yes, rogues have ruled since 1776, as a nation of prefects appointed by the City of London through the bank of England in the hands of the house of Rothschild’s. Man-made religions the key to Satan’s power over nations. God’s people have been cornered geographically, on a huge chunk of land named America, beforehand of Sumeria, of ancient Mesopotamia. Abraham & Isaac resided in city of Kish. From here, Abraham trod towards a new world. It was a battle with Satan and his gang to bring His people into captivity. here, within America, a remnant of God’s elect survive. Moses abandoned idol worship ping in Egypt. Freud’s descendants, are of Asian/ Mongolian stock, having no hereditary bloodline whatsoever back to the Israel King of Palestine, King Melchizedek. As alien political gangsterism is threaded through our national government the God of our national political prostitution is NATO and the United Nations. As previously mentioned, a remnant of God’s people are scattered among man-made religions. No darkness with Moses as the master of deception, Freud, for he & his ancestry is out of the whole picture. The battle now is that a remnant of God must stay put and to become persecuted by alien infidels and their ties to universal finance. As long as we have the church/state sophisticated machine of political racketeering a remnant of Christ must avail themselves as concealed sheep.

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