( SPEECH  )

One of most  concealed facts of biblical history and compounded  derogatory frauds, of whom literally baffle hundreds of pseudo  religious puppets across America, are afraid to reveal the universal  threat of the ongoings being bedded down within the global religious empire, in revealing a worldly scheme to mentally crippled

pulpit-pounders, being funded by the internal revenue dept. The literal criminality in controlling, mind-bending, by the masters of deception, in leading the masses into collective psychosis, obligingly,  through Pavlovian behavioral sciences, clearly associate the canine emotions right into contemporary Homo Sapiens. When conditioned, dogs will roll over, whine and bark.

The well planned animalistic application under psychological impairment that humans are animals, identifies individuals as contingents, mobs, as blind infidels depraved as thoughtless zombies. Actually, this is pseudo democracy’s wailing wall ! No danger here as to the Sanhedrin had in mind! Thought control.


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