Satan, disguised as a snake, was to make war on Eve and and her descendants, through Adam’s blood lineage. Apparently. Adam was not present. This is in accordance with biblical historicity. The Saluki dog, to the religious Muslim world of today, look upon this canine as somewhat holy and beneficial to their perception, as to adam and Eve. We know little about this animal only that it is accepted as the first earthly born dog. Supposedly, that the Saluki barked, is obviously. So,natural born domesticated dogs of the world after Adam and Eve were banished from the garden of eden, and walked beside a contemptuous mankind. Traversing from the beginning until the great Deluge; there is no mention of any specific mutt. We must assume that a divine animalistic creature ( Saluki ) never entered the ark. Our Muslim world holds the Saluki with divine elegance and Holy. Now, we must parallel the discord between a dog and a Viper, both of which were attendant to Adam and Eve. The good and the bad, that lay at the heels of Eve. Remember; it was Eve who tempted Adam. Satan comes onto the scene, not as a dog, but as a snake.

        It was over three thousand years later that Christ nailed his enemies as dogs. often naming them as swine. Indeed, as snakes, or vipers. Christ never used a personal epitaph except as to King Herod,—-that fox !

Today, our pseudo-democracy is in the hands of mad-dogs and plunderers. Such political renegades usually snake along on their gluttonous bellies. And now, dog-hauling humane societies throughout our nation is a front, in order to appeal to emotional citizens. Canine  haulers will appear as animal lovers. This loathsome gangrene of political larcenists fit into between religion and political buffoonery. Hell has no greater furor than to expose dog-hauling and democratic swindlers. Many honest citizens use the mad-dog terminology, when describing these low-life bastards. This viper-like attitude trails back to Satan’s snake like image;when disgusting mouths splatter forth dishonest attempt, in drumming down their leud aspirations of satanic conglomerations. It is more clever to love a dog at home, than to view political dog-haulers making a public display to a veterinarian. These emerging snake handlers have formed a national wolf-pack from dogs to civil pandering, in performing within all public outhouses. Thank goodness that Sulaki never entered the Ark. Still, we have the serpent as state oriented.


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