( Windmill of paper )

Ambishes voters make mad dashes to ballot boxes, in order to plunder our national wealth through the art of maintaining a Pseudo-Democracy. Likewise, Don Quixote, attacked windmills, as this individual harbored inconsequential matters towards ruling aristocracies. Of course, with sword in hand, individual chivalry reconciles the self-made swashbuckler to Hawk idealistic fanfare. But,

under the sword, windmill blades remain on course. This folly is charasistic.

        Whereas we have no political swashbucklers within our national system of in-office civil inequity, one must be compelled to snatch up a post printed ballot, plastered with the hand-picked rogue’s name. Yes, indeed, as contemporary Don Quixote’s fight with paper, rather than something more weighted than a sheet of pulp. Anti-social miscreants are bedded down within our criminally devised pseudo Republican / Democratic machine, with rails greased by psychological warfare, staged on the principle of organized confusion. This system is under alien global revolutionaries of a specific twin, two-nation religious movement, designed to destroy our Republican society.

        It is well established that, virchilly, the ruling domain sheep-down all ballot box crowders into committing high treason, as such human typhoons whip up to the ballot box scheme. Unknowingly, and yielding to prior brainwashing, or deliberately educated as to a dunce, these pulp stackers, ballot box ringers, ignorantly vote unconsciously most of the time, in taking a stand, and incomprehensibly support an invisible composite of religious warfare seated right into the heart and soul of our failing nationalistic Republic.

       To take cognizance of the literal threat to our diminishing freedom is in proportion to the national populace comprehending established law. The Constitution makes it clear that nation-wide voting for presidential seating does not put one into office. We have an electoral college chosen from each individual state consisting of bankers, landlords and commercial interests.

This intriguing manifestation of an autocratic swindle is counter to a free society. Interest capitalism is of Satanic origin enslaving productive elements held in bondage to illicit usury —robbery through interest !

      America is hammered down under a two-headed viper invested with the poison of liberalism, with its comedy of errors on the public stage, as the late Shakespeare parted the Gordian knot of interest slavery in his Merchant of Venice. Under anti-capitalist Gordian orientated, presently, this gigantic monster, viper, functions on the level of fraudulent ghetto masters and industrial slavery. On the leverage of of two worldly religious empires the fate of America rests. This is an ongoing quarrel between ancient Jacob & Esau,  The very ground work of any and all civilizations past or present. This is the problem within the Middle East. The evil empire within America has the United Nations as their honor guard. NATO has gone imperialistic in violation of international law. Esau & his invisible autocratic gangsterism is pulling America into the web of internationalism. Asiatic & Oriental nations will not accept pseudo democracy. We witness this right now. America is controlled by Edomites, contemporary descendants of ancient Esau. Quixote and

voting falls globally  into Esau’s trap! Pull that voting lever & hang thyself !



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