This approaching conflict within the Middle East has become a boiling conflict of Wall Street alien investor madness. Seemingly, we have an above board congressional collectivization laid in stone, with class fortitude wavering, in perpetual turn coating, while confronting in an attempting to elude the monetary banditry  influence in harboring the cowardness of elected infidels, with little political courage to combat the cancer of individual graft, in facing an adversary of a sub-consciousness evil previously born with emotionally instability, courageously imports a hell on earth through well planned global conflict. These sub-human vipers reap  massive wealth through their man-made universal conflict. With this natural miscarriage of devils in the flesh, War becomes a racket; this adverse throwback of non-human global-wandering nomads, tribal rogues, is emotionally unstable and impossible to turn back. We witness this imminent bands of criminal human invasions taking place now including professional revolutionaries.  This global invasion of uprooted humanity driven by investing invaders, subtly,have a strangling hold on all universal banking reserves through collective stock exchanges and control of gold reserve systems. By a born nature, this Satanic embodiment of organised confusion never reverses its forward tread, The result is an on-coming third world war. Mobs opens the doors for alien stock abettors. Basically, this is a planned movement of international finance. Here we gave high reason within national government.

              Insignificantly, the above average national citizen idly plays  a part ignorantly, as collectively accepting any and all religious functionaries as God’s acclaimed community. This misunderstanding of our native community of spiritual immunity in the hands of an acclimated mind-bending creates an overwhelming nationwide environment of pseudo-democracy, with its ring-in-nose  voting cattle being strung along through the Church / state scheme. Our republic was not founded as on the principles of established christianity. The founding fathers had become under the influence of a secret society. The very roots of mental slavery was conceived at ancient Mount Seir as Moses under divine decree the that the creator’s children were not to survive in a post world of thought control. Likewise. an opposition lurked near Mount Seir, and supposedly took commands from their God on the demand & command, that their earthly post world venture would be to oppose as an opposition to freedom of thought speech. This craven, bastardised mentally spout of disgusting sub-humanity in opposition to civilization under God’s wisdom have been converted to the complete destruction of Christ loving children worldwide.This class of global panhandlers, nomads, tramps and sewer dwellers, are the very roots of universal Bolshevism. Laboring under God’s created opposition, this certified network of political incendiaries are collaborating under mentally devised INELUCTABLE DETERMINISM.

                 Condescending from the absolute control of congress within entrenched state police powers, this ruling elite has turned from its hell on earth of determinism, towards an ineluctable desire to create ONE WORLD Bolshevism. Communism is a front for this underworld madness  contemptuous for our American Republic. Revolutionary diehards have corralled NATO and the United Nations in violation of international law. Fraudulent political rustling has committed high treason against the American people. Our whole ruling national political rule are in hock with this nest of wholesale gangsterism. Imperialism is a gross rape and looting Asian and oriental nations. These independent people’s care not for the criminally of an state of Israel in alliance with wall Street racketeering tied to the District of Columbia & the City of Gold resting in London. All for the sake to appeasing Mid East religious option to remain ineluctable. Putin, of Russia is a tool & plays into the hands of universal finance. Netanyahu of Israel will rain down a third World War rather than face the fact that he is shoving his supposed to be state back to the days when palestinian’s of various nations dwelt in peace. So as God implied, that he actually created opposition in all things, for his own reason. We witness this

transformation taking place when political idolatry confirm murdering innocent people in the Middle East. Mohammedanism is contrary to the empire of pseudo religious strivings in America getting fatter and fatter as freebies from the treasury dept. All in all, war is a racket, when ignorant citizens are seduced !  



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