( Satan’s gang )

Polygraph….Modern Day Witch Craft. Socially sick bastards criminally inspired.In the future their will be a national reunion of mind- bending sypcophants.Pre-conditioned retired liars have reveledl in the field of Poligraphing. Such individual metafore is THE MOTHER OF REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. Telepathic criminality from an operator, “ investergater “ through voltage transmission is actually an individual’s own anti-social psychosmatic actions, being imported into individuals under Frankenstein mentality, in the transforming of idolatry, as mind-bending iinto the souls of innocent personalities. Psychoanalysis of such mentally retarded pervayers of repressed inhibitions, ( bastardy ), as political infidels, releaving regressions through the fradulant reversing scheme, in the transmission of mental telepathy .Poligrahing is the bastard of all anti-social arts. This degenerative performance is in the hands of political zombies.

In appplying such wattage to various combinations of humanity, such intruders as poligraphers, must regulate ohmns and amperes as retired liars. The danger here is inducted personality opinion retarded as that had have functioned in the field of Poligraphering, might come home to roost. Supposedly, the ideals of pseudo-democracie’s mob-like oblivious to copy-cat thy fellow citizenss comes into play. Positively;, bull-dykes and Gypsies in combinations with a broad sweep of national society reels its opportunist social antagonisms into one’s fore conscious. Nationality equanimity, other wise drilled into the blockhead, ( Lie detectors.) Such psychological misgivings lead to the phenomimena of which emotions debilitate.

Several years past, a natonal meeting of all retired elementary human wiring took place, within the mud-slappers play ground of Baton Rouge Louisianna. The main speaker, marvin Scooter, spoke on electrolodes replacing Gypsy fortune telling. He explained that Gypsies were global wanderers. Too, that the Creator invested these people with a peculiar intelligence contrary to the hypocracy of American humanity strutting around in football costumes and volley-ball bloomers. The Ouija Board put electrodes to rest. Billions stolen from tax payer payer humpers lain to rest via the ouija board. W e must consider the world of dykes.

Mother nature determines humanitie’s set rules while navigating through an earthly existence. Our Creator is compelled to work with His own clay at hand. It is impossible to change any man’s mode of thought. Education offers a pathway through life in a civilized existence. The average bull dyke has never sat under our republican dome. Since our communist controlled fellow travellers in national government is prostrate being overcome lacking a will to overcome a submission under the cloak of international Bolshevism; we should try a new liberal twist in abondoning a constitution that has reverted to standing on Red engineered stilts. Mud-packers and alien sewer dwellers have flooded our shores as professional globally trained revoliutionaries.

One must take the bull by the tale & to look the situation square into it’s face. ! It is time for a bull dyke / Gypsey under the dome. Things might reconoider our invested enemy ! Give this people a chance to plunder the treasury.



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