Putin proclaims orthodoxism in spiritual comprehension, while allying with China. Of course, Confucianism is a bedrock of intellectual astuteness threading back to Gautama. The background global elite is stacking its deck with the probable assertion that Obama is a useful Moselem plant. All in all, we have the Russian bear, the Chinese dragon, Obama’s eagle. and the EU Golan monster in between. One great power along with the Crimean situation being embattled with the IMF. Putin stares straight ahead and does not know what end is up. Putin needs to employ a Hindu viper handler to set down with he and his fellow colleagues to keep the Rothschilds at bay. The odds are against Russian bombers flying the Alaska seaboard within a fifty mile distance off shore. It appears that the Pentagon is being taughted.

Two global giants are nearing a showdown. Two monumental goliaths subtly subdued, being caught in the clutches of a one-eyed cyclops as a political correlation consisting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This universal financial machine has been hammered-down, re-reorganized, as one mismanaged money-funding financial crisis. America’s wedge through loans has brought the Crimean affair as the major force that has backfired in using the state department as a springboard into the foreign affairs with Moscow.

Little doubt, as Putin, a former KGB agent, can no way disarm the global ruling elite rulers that Satan is the headmaster. The gang of bastards within the District of Columbia is an independant nest of globe mastering. This conglomeration of monetary swindlers pay no taxes. This machine has no ties to Washington. This set-up has private police officers. Their better-half is the City of Gold as London. London is their private center of global monetary manipulation. It has no ties to the British empire. This organization pays no taxes and has a private police force. We see that Satan heads such of an apparatus, invisible and devilish intent.

Putin clearly makes it clear, that his government is a state orthodox spirituality.
In essence, the Vatican is a state with no attachment to Italy. It pays no taxes and has a police force and jails. It is one square mile with approximately one thousand residents. Putin has openly denounced Israel. Here, we discover that netanyahu is an elite well-managed tool and hands-down that Putin has averted a third-world war. Israel’s only way out via world opinion is to bring on war somewhere in the middle east, in perpetuating the ever destabilization of Syria,

Iran, and Iraq. The superstructure of three distinct global ruling elites in the hands of invisible financial moguls fulfills in holy writ, that America with its Babylonian bastardness, and its NATO confederacy, and with a ruling elite’s confidence within congress, has been stalled off, because Near East foreign Relations and the state department have bought and paid for political failures.
Putin wants to save Russia from imperialism. But he needs to take off his blinders. Oil is the chief means in retribution towards any country that does not fall into line with policies of political indoctrination geared towards a NWO. Opec
keeps the oil issue afloat, in order to increase the fiat dollars as a world currency.
The Arabian petro dollar on oil has the US military on stand-by. The Obama administration and Moscow are just spin-offs in covering for the emerging of Zionism. Bolshevism has been a menace to past civilizations and is here to stay.
Our American republic has been overthrown. A pseudo-democracy is the work of dirty bastards within false religions and bribed weaklings of whom parasite off the state. Vladimir Putin has created a viper’s nest along with his league of breakaways from the Rothschild financial industry, that has blood lineage back to ancient Babylon.


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