When our late President franklin D. Roosevelt and priminster of Britain Wiston Churchill met at Quebec in 1941, later at Agentina, a master plan was put into affect, of which eventually was to bring into focus of a futuristc New World order. At a third meeting took place at Quebec. Here was to be reinstated the late President Woodrow Wilson’s dream of incorporating American democracy into the European Leage of Nations. Roosevelt and Churchill were active plants for the District of Columbia  and the  City of Gold in London. Here we had the bank of England and  our Federal Reserve in hock to universal finance, being  locked into a web of European reserves. Yes, two great leaders of delusional intentions created the National Atlantic Treaty Organization. Post war intentions was to organise the covention of three global states, The United States, great Britain and Soviet Russia. Originality has been achieved here, as Vladimir Putin has become a tool, when Roosevelt and Churchill senced an apparition of Wilson. Our national administration is unacceptable, stained  with the seed of Royality. Malfeasence of rule is unleashed criminality and needs to be uprooted.


Without a doubt, national discontent and  resentment rebels against looting of the treasury through financing wars of aggression in the middle east. This inappropreate manner is looting tax payers into pauperaism and debt. An elite class of global influence have determined that several middle East nations must be conquered in the name of an psudo democracy existing within the fifty states of America. The first move was to destabalizes Liberia. Vladimir Putin worked with a gang of internationalists via the crimia operation.


Indeed, shame-faced congressional seat warmers has lost contact with presidental consideration, in that all are installed through bribery. Yes, voting constituents are smeltering with the mental derangement of massive nihilism.

A nation is being pauperised through hyper inflation over taxation. An ever rising revolt agaisnt police state measures and armed garrisons fronting as FAMA, SWAT, and HLS was proof at WACO, that a once free nation is corraled by an insider enemy, being ruled through international financial syndicates geared to socializing a Republic. The Valor of Ignorance comprehensive here.


Absolutely, the wrecking and enslavement towards universal enslavement points back to Roosevelt  Churchill, as tools of what we envision today. We witness this as NATO & the United nations is an organized bastion of criminals.

The aggression into the middle East is counter to international law. Mohammadism will never accept pseudo Democracy and its affiliated connection with the Judaeo / christian scheme into organized ignorance. The power house here playing obedience to liberalized feduciary.
Total comprehension here is that israel is in complete religious  disaray. Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, pushes for WW3. Henry Kissinger knows that the state of Israel is diminishing. Jakels in the Pendagon follows the spiel that it is nescessary to measure the black gold of oil on the terms of Petro and fiat currency. This war is to maintain a goldless trade system. Too, towards maintaining Palistinian grip on land seizures. Billions have begotton to Israel that she can arm her allies to use America and British military input against Asyria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, iran, Damascus, and Pastigan, throwing in France and Germany. All of this is dilusional and personal impropriaty of which drove three men to their graves. Wilson, Roosevelt & Churcill. There is no ambitious apparition of these three former gangsters, for the New World order is finished!


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