People do forget, but the ghost of history haunts every soul that strolls through the welcoming streets of this country, in harboring a disposition that life is great, while the good times roll. Beneath it all, the ongoing selective mob’s routine is constructing a royal road to hell, and little individual cognizance of the terror awaiting such fools. History does repeat itself. A death knell declares this. Ominous observation is a path back into the French Revolution of 1793. Obviously, this is planned for America. It cannot be avoided.
    Noticeably, the elements are in place of political embroilment. Too, local and alien land investors have locked into ownership investors on Wall Street. The massive touring industry is a circus across our country. The farming industry held in check by corrupt foreign idle minds, to be pleased with unimaginable desire for hungry entertainment, while streets are aliened with homeless, property- less citizens begging for food, as heavy industries have vacated to alien profits. The plan to uproot America is well lain.
    Global revolutionary cycles have always encircled civil societies, in awaiting the proper moment when mental and physical slavery yields to massive nihilism. This organized confusion is not coincidental, but has found its way into the heart and soul of our once great Republic. In reverting back to the France of 1793, our national government is sewing the same seeds of open negligence and criminal hostility over taxation and rigid police state regimentation. This is the final straw in breaking the camel’s back.
    In the revolutionary stage; consisted of the french insurrection in parliament were the Girondis menaced with liberalism– somewhat seeded in with the revolutionary component called Jacobin’s. Disagreement over assemblage obligation to be reconciled, unified, the Jacobin Club pulled into France professional revolutionaries, schooled in a spin-off, of an an Illuminati movement of a global influence of rule. Alien influence brought on the french terror. Then the Jacobin’s created the Montagards. This was a hired revolutionary gang under the Jacobin Club. This revolutionary seed line goes back to the days of ancient Esau, the ( Red ), God’s natural enemy. Incidentally, Girondis & Jacobite’s were democrats. their supposed to representative, within the assembly, opposed the stay of revolution, ( Robespierre ), was beheaded.
    Obviously, we have a domineering factor in Congress, of Girondis imposition to unseat our President. Those of Jacobin intimidation is to level our republic as a free state. We recognize this as one of many running for the Presidency is singled out for global mob instinct laden down with Esau’s contempt for christian civilization is galvanized into a vast machine of collectivized insanity, over a sub-normal behavioral mental neurosis as self-hatred.

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