Who is financing Presidential candidates. How much from the Communist network over America. What about funds from the Trotsky / Leninist bunch receiving moneys from Uncle Sam. Too, a criminally devised hoard of ghetto masters, under the hood of mortgage gamblers. Only damned fools would pull a lever, in sending tax moneys to collectivized political gangsters; being anchored to both sorry bastards in conclusion, with a doubled-deck of hopeless scoundrels in collusion, as a two-party swindle drummed down into a pseudo Democracy. Mobs are useful in aiding swindlers into national office. Continue to think & act like a stupid mass of misled fools, to be hoodwinked under a national administration, in the arms of Marxian incipient socialism. FEMA, HLS, SWAT, & oppressive police all have gulags awaiting for ring in the nose individuals, as nihilistic cattle. America is being pulled into Eastern World fundamentalism. Vote & enlarge the hell that is to become your future.

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