Bull Dykes and think a likes should have preferential acceptance into sitting under the state dept water shed, in having more input into foreign affairs. Over the years, we have witnessed some strange situations regarding the influence of allied nations boomeranging exported treaties returning home to haunt incompetent political plants and their strange foreign realizations. Needless to say, several characters within this most sensitive post are of national government has been the breeding ground for unwarranted sour heads, of which bottle neck significant areas of Presidential influence regarding national security. Ever since the late President Franklin New Deal pro-communist watering hole practiced total irresponsibility in ignoring the state dept, as this practicality of official conduct has been a one-way conduit of professional hindrance of foreign affairs. State secretary of state Hull under Roosevelt was a lose cannon and unfortunate yes man. Under John Kerry, we have a sweetheart affair with Netanyahu of Israel. Hillary Clinton was a muck-raking bag of wind, winding up worthless as tits on a bore hog. Why not bring into pro-menace more of the displaced closet gang, in really widening this circus of burnt out blockheads, of which formally leaped over the congressional watchdogs, in pushing liberalism under the guise of a free for all love in !


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