( Crippled Buzzard )
    Our national bird, the Eagle, has furled its wings and lays low and suffers from Congressionalitis. It glories no longer as a symbolic icon representative of a once free nation. In fact, political rape of national constituents is a routine defenselessness accosting of helpless society as a rooster so intimidated in being near-sighted in singling out an option to hustle down some bird to be politically orientated with collective buzzards acting as the rooster that cannot see things straight. Caught between two birds political rape will out do the Rooster / buzzard correlation. Normally, the rooster crows in the morning, the buzzard chow downs on Congressional constipation. In essence, Nationwide, the citizenry daily gives this bribed clan the bird. The bewailed rooster and the befuddled buzzard both plunge into a trance of cinematic psychosis. Birds of a feather flock together—ummmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Patrick Henry screamed, “ Give me liberty or give me death.” Thomas Paine wanted no part of Founding Father option to ally with British weasels. Paine contended that the Angel, religious, banking industry were not conducive as to being birded-down as a wild rooster to rape and plunder under the wings of an Eagle. Benjamin Franklin was coy to an eagle as a state bird thundering down upon a people in seeking a war-like Republic. Too, Franklin chose the domesticated Turkey. The political hooliganism from 1776 is a melt down to a present day Godzillian complicated nest of pre-bought panhandlers mooching from tax-payer’s pockets.

    America will never recover from the criminal take over of our Republic. The majestic spell of pro-communist infiltration has its its wing spread nationwide. We do have the rooster / buzzard complexity engaged with socialistic deprivation. Yes, the rooster, as Congress sees objects in a cross-eyed dimension just as the buzzard awaits collected bowel implosion extracts its hold on mother nature. Not surprisingly, weasel-minded fools under Marxian dialectics in line with I.V. Lenin will eventually become an innocent mechanical movement as a machine of universal socialism. The question of Godzilla as to a multiple of two birds nesting near Congress while in cession could be leading to a Golan monster out of the UR. We will be compelled to watch the Bear the dragon & a pseudo lion’s whelp being nestled down within the state of Israel. Its thumbs down if this Republic does not drop Darwin’s theory of anthropoids and Marx’s materialistic conception of political equalitarism. Only a damned fool believes that all mankind evolved from the same global swamp. God help America as a dumbed-down welfare state !

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