No one knows just what goes into one’s unknown subconsciousness. Personality disorders are perpetually shoved back into this little under stood mental cataloging through repressions. Anyone who goes on a ballot-box rage are definitely running from a twisted personality, in attempting to elude guilt by association, with their own pathological struggle, to shadow surroundings that are pre-calculated via listening to fraudulent political prostitutes spreading lies. Such pin-headed squirts are squats during Presidential facades becoming part and party to split personalities, as pimps for an invisible arm of galvanized hoodlums plat-forming several puppets as psychological misanthropes.
Individual presidential neurosis and Ballet-Box psychosis somewhat hinges, or develops, through an earlier manhood of repressed voting, party Hatred, Theoretically, anxiety is the most damaging . We witness numbers of people swarming into theaters, as heading for ballot sheds, owing loyalty to a politician and Bat Man. Here we witness, as individuals are in social communion and not distanced from wish-to-be-peers all in the family. Mob collectivism displays man’s hatred for love ( attention ), as witnessed presumptuously falls into Dr. Sigmund Freud’s ” Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome.” The struggle against deep inhibited suppression and depression, over rides the ID, and the alter Ego settles for a pathologically developed loner, an intellectual drifter, to explode with Freud’s “ Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome.” In essence, an unrecognized wish was fulfilled: Collectivized individual mob stultification rests upon an impulsive nature to bathe with political syphilis through several candidates. Seemingly, a nest of traitorous hyenas becomes a joystick to be rotated upon the base of mobocracy. Progressive flippancy.
It has become fast and furious for independent voters, citizens, to actually weigh individual perceptions, as to the social qualities respectfully of two ruling gangs holding national office. Of course, this is combined pseudo Democracy and a discordant Republican representation. These twin gangs of infatuated liberalism have their roots feeding back to in house intertwined anti-social guilt complexes, in opposing conservatism. The only analytical presumption is that national political welfare is grappling with an insidious nest of elected servants under the spell of ever incipient Orientalism. Here, a massive double-minded party, one-eyed cyclops, has developed a two-party one-glove cult, congealed into a massive neurosis and cultivated ( Personality Suppression Gravitational Complex Syndrome ). This is the elevated level of mass political neurosis. The iron grip of universal communism is the back screen of our failing society. Our Republic is in the dangerous paws of approaching socialism. Here, in fact, repetition is the best teacher!
Transitional professional sycophants are a front for their silent and ruthless masters, as presidential aggregates are robotized mechanisms through the magnetic funds of invisible magistrates, of which cleave their tentacles into all levels of national government. We discover their influence within the State Dept., CIA, FBI, federal reserve, treasury Dept,and supreme bench, NATO, FEMA, SWAT, Home Land Security,CIA, FBI, and every major influential dept in our national jurisprudence. Most of all, ruthless intellectually coordinated imps with poisoned minds undermines our republic as moles from within. Social engineering via post globalism hijacks Congress and their main weapon is a mover and shakers idealistic machine of psychological warfare.Through the grip on national medical and psychiatric industries social engineering is in the hands of high priests on mental gymnastics, and in cahoots with controlling agriculture outlets, such as the national farm bureau. Poisoned foods and drinks are allotted to our national people, so that as cattle, through linguistics, millions of citizens are lobotomized. Here, various sports, especially football, soccer and Hockey, . imitating ancient Roam Circuses, are offered as a bleed off voter anxiety and repressed masochism. Pseudo Democracy revels in this ! Notably, after a selected pasmaster wins his race all ballot is to be stacked nation wide. Within the center will be placed a massive flywheel. The gang in office pushes a button and them bull manure is openly spread across a nation of which had been bamboozled as dirty bastards return to their roots as rotated scoundrels. IT IS FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE FOR ALL ! COMMUNISM HAS A HOLD ON OUR DWINDLING REPUBLIC ! GOD HELP US.


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