+Bertharina Rina The American Nation funnels off billions and billions to Israel.  It is not Semitic.  Only descendants of Abraham there are the Palestilians, may of whom have the right genes, being descended through Ishmael.  The Edomites died out and were thrown out as a nation by God in Old Testament times and then those remaining in Judea, were also assimilated with other nations.  Israel itself is the invention of Rothschild through in the main, British Zionism and British Aristocrats, with their former ‘loving Zionism’ Parliamentarians and the odd Jewish Prime Minister.  Lord Balfour was the scoundrel used in 1917 to give the Balfour Declaration declaring Palestine for Israel when it was not hers to give.  Still part of the Ottoman Empire that did dissolve in 1918.  British Mandate over Palestine.  In go the so-called Jews  to declare Israel a nation 1948, and they were not Semites but Khazars.  Then in came the Ethiopian Jews, so-called but they also are not pure descendants of Abraham.  Indeed, they are black which the Hebrews never were (may have been sun-burnt but red/blond hair, blue eyes originally if one reads all of the Scriptures, present and lost but restored).  They were of Shem and not Ham whose descendants filled Africa.  The Ethiopians who followed a certain O.T. form of that given Moses, were descendants of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, whose son born in Ethiopia, eventually went to Israel aged about 30, caught hold of the then watered down O.T. form of Moses, probably gathered in a priest or two, took the Ark of the Covenant where it seems it is today in a certain city of Ethiopia.  What color? Black mixed with white then from then on, intermarried with black Ethiopians.  How pure is that race in relation to being descendants of Abraham and thus entitled to be called what is today named a Jew?  Most doubtful.  The genes have not yet been scientifically revealed.  The Khazars are world-wide, even in U.S.A. but maybe only up to 8,000,000 but holding most of its sources of wealth and having dispatched the gold from Fort Knox to London.  Seems there is gold there but also it would appear they also are somewhat bankrupt as the total debt of the whole world outnumbers the trillions of worth it does have.  Rothschild, owning all Reserve Banks except three and including the Reserve Bank of U.S.A. of course, U.S.A. being the dead tree on which that ivy lives and flourishes.  Wake up!  I believe churches are beginning to and Pastors.  About time.  Why be under the occultism of these Khazar Mafia?  They rule through Satanic power.  Churches are supposed to have the power of the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of Christ reigning within its people.  You have helped in the downward spiral of your own nation – all so-called Christian Zionists!.
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